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Welcome to Syed Ali Deep Rizvi official site..

ALHAMDOLILLAH By The Grace Of Almighity ALLAH And With The Blessing Of Chahardah Masoomen(as) The Official Website Of Brother Syed Ali Deep Rizvi Has beenLounched On 1432 Hijri

New Release of Moharram 2013 "RAAZI IMAM JIS SEY HUN - ALLAH MUJHEY AISA AZADAR BANADE " and Real message of MUHARRAM "Karbala Rasm Nahi Hey" NATIGA-E-FIKIR By SYED ALI DEEP RIZVI is now uploaded (LABBAIK YA HUSSAIN AS)

All Viewers are requested that if you have any suggestion on any Topic / Kalam / Ashaar that you think it should be raised in comming Albums please sumbit them to us on webmaster@alideeprizvi.com

Updating Soon Inshallah
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